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21 Dec 2023 12:08
Yearly corporate events calendar 2024
Milan, 21st December 2023 – BFF Bank S.p.A. (“BFF” or the “Bank”) announces the yearly corporate events calendar in the fiscal year 2024 (the “Financial Calendar”), pursuant to article 2.6.2, subsection 1, letter b), of the Rules of the Markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.. The scheduled dates are as follows:
Thursday, 8th February 2024 Board of Directors

Separate and consolidated financial
accounts as of 31st December 2023

Thursday, 7th March 2024 Board of Directors Parent Company’s draft and
Consolidated annual reports as of 31st
December 2023
Thursday, 18th April 2024 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting Parent Company’s draft and
Consolidated annual reports as of 31st
December 2023
Thursday, 9th May 2024 Board of Directors Separate and consolidated financial
accounts as of 31st March 2024
Monday, 5th August 2024 Board of Directors 2024 half-year consolidated financial
Thursday, 7th November 2024 Board of Directors Separate and consolidated financial
accounts as of 30th September 2024


BFF informs that, subject to compliance with BFF’s dividend policy and all the remaining regulatory requirements, the payment of the remaining dividend for fiscal year 2023 is expected in April 2024, and the payment of the interim 2024 half-year dividend, that may be approved by the Board of Directors, is expected in September 2024.
Information on the payment date, ex-dividend date and record date will be provided after the publication of the Borsa Italiana 2024 calendar.
BFF specifies that i) this communication does not represent a forecast, obligation, or commitment of BFF as to the existence of the conditions for the distribution of the dividend for the fiscal year 2023 and/or for any interim dividend for the fiscal year 2024; and that, without prejudice to the foregoing, ii) any changes concerning the above data will be promptly communicated to the market.
Notice is also given that earnings calls with the market regarding the presentation of the consolidated periodic results will be held indicatively on the same day on which the Board of Directors meeting is called to approve such results, or, at the latest, on the trading day immediately following such approval. Day, time, and manner of holding will be announced from time to time.
Any changes to the financial calendar’s dates will be promptly communicated.
The financial calendar 2024 is also available on BFF Group’s website, in the Investors > PR & Presentations > Events > Financial calendar section.
In compliance with the provisions of article 82-ter of the Issuers’ Regulation, approved by CONSOB resolution n° 11971 of 14th May 1999, it is hereby announced that the Board of Directors of BFF, which met today, resolved to prepare and disclose to the public on a voluntary basis – as additional interim information for the financial year 2024 in addition to the annual and half-yearly financial reports (mandatorily prepared and published pursuant to article 154 ter of the “Testo Unico della Finanza”) – the consolidated balance sheet and income statement accounts as of 31st December 2023, as of 31st March, 30th June and 30th September 2024, which BFF is already mandatory to prepare for the purposes of reporting pursuant to the Bank of Italy’s Circular n° 262
of 22nd December 2005 and as subsequently amended, in addition to the capital ratios and the key performance indicators commonly used in the financial sector.
The publication of this information is intended to ensure continuity with the type of financial information disclosed to the market at the time of the annual and half-yearly figures. This choice would also be consistent with that communicated by other listed banks, and in line with the Policy for managing dialogue with all Shareholders and Bondholders approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors on 28th September 2021.
The aforementioned information, and the related documentation, will be approved by the Board of Directors on the dates indicated in the above Financial Calendar, and made available to the public through the publication of specific press releases on the authorised SDIR system 1Info, and in the Investors > Results section of BFF Group’s website.