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20 Mar 2020 16:36
Participation arrangements for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A., called on 2nd April 2020

Milan, 20th March 2020 – BFF Banking Group informs that, without prejudice to any new measures issued by the competent authorities in relation to the containment of the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19, the Shareholders’ Meeting of Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. (“BFF” or the “Company”), called for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary sessions, in a single call (the “Meeting”), at the registered office of the Company in Milan – Via Domenichino n° 5, on Thursday, 2nd April 2020 at 11:00 CET, is confirmed.

The above-mentioned Meeting will be held in full compliance with the prevention and safety measures provided by the legislation in force in connection with the aforesaid epidemiological emergency.

In this regard, BFF invites Shareholders to confer to the Designated Representative a proxy for the resolutions’ proposals about the items on the Meeting’s agenda, together with the related voting instructions, as indicated in the Meeting’s notice of call, published on 2nd March 2020 and available in the Governance > Shareholders’ Meeting Documentation section of the Group’s website (the “Notice of Call”).

Finally, Shareholders are reminded that they may ask questions about the items on the agenda before the Meeting, in the terms and procedures described in the aforementioned Notice of Call.