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15 Apr 2013
Messina new Presidente of BFF
Attorney at law, 67 years old, 40 years of service in the Bank of Italy, ended with the position of Head of the Milan Office of the Institution from 2004 to 2011, Salvatore Messina is the new President of Farmafactoring spa.

Incorporated in 1985, Farmafactoring holds a leadership position in the management and disposal of credits towards health agencies and hospitals, and in such role it can claim to have a relevant compendium of specific knowledge and expertise in the management of the National Health System financial flows, enabling it to constantly monitor and assess the administrative, financial and accounting scenario of the relations between the entities of the NHS, providers and banks governing the treasury function in the entities of the Service.

"I am glad" – declared Messina - "to have the possibility to make my professional heritage available to this complex system and, in particular, to Farmafactoring, which carries out a precious leading role in the system, and which is characterised by a constant focus on compliance with the laws and supervisory regime in the matter, by the high professionalism of the company’s personnel, highly loyal to the company, and by the careful attention with which it carries out its functions.”

Farmafactoring, the managing director of which is Marco Rabuffi, recorded in 2012 a turnover of euro 161 million.