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19 Oct 2022 12:09 | Relevant information
BFF receives its MREL requirements
Bank of Italy informed BFF of its consolidated minimum requirements for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL)

Milan, 19th October 2022 – Today Bank of Italy, following the conclusion of the administrative  process to determine the consolidated minimum requirements for own funds and eligible  liabilities (“MREL”), informed that, starting from 1st January 2025, BFF Bank S.p.A. (“BFF”)  shall comply with the following consolidated capital requirements:

  • MREL in terms of TREA (Total Risk Exposure Amount) equal to 21,73% (included the CBR Combined Buffer Requirement of 2,50%);
  • MREL in terms of LRE (Leverage Ratio Exposure) equal to 5,33%.

No subordination requirement has been assigned to BFF to comply with the requirements and the calculation of other eligible liabilities.

BFF will consider the entry in force, on 1st January 2025, of the MREL requirements in its strategic and funding plans.