Board of Statutory Auditors

The corporate control function is assigned to the Board of Statutory Auditors which is assigned among other things in compliance with the Regulatory provisions to oversee the following: compliance with legal and regulatory provisions and the Articles of Association; compliance with the principles of correct administration; the adequacy of the organizational, administrative and accounting structure and its operation;

  • the adequacy of organizational, administrative and accounting arrangements, and their proper functioning;
  • the Internal Control System and the Risk Appetite Framework (RAF) are complete, adequate and reliable;
  • the Bank's activity in management and coordination,
  • the legal review process for the annual accounts and consolidated accounts, and the independence of the external auditors, in particular in the provision of non-audit services;
  • other actions and developments expressed and identified by law, performing all functions mandated to it pursuant to the pertinent regulations.

The Board of Statutory Auditors verifies, in particular, the effectiveness and adequate coordination of all functions and structures involved in the Internal Control System, including the auditing firm in charge of the Bank's legal audit, the correct discharge of their duties and, if applicable, suggesting the appropriate remedial measures.

Composition of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Name   date of birth charge date of appointment term of office N. other assignments
Nicoletta Paracchini CV 07/03/1962

Standing Auditor

22/06/2022 budget approval 31/12/2023


Fabrizio Riccardo Di Giusto CV 20/06/1966 Standing Auditor  25/03/2021 budget approval 31/12/2023


Paolo Carbone CV 18/08/1966 Standing Auditor  25/03/2021 budget approval 31/12/2023